Fall Away, Lonesome Sun

by Sam Hughes

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released September 6, 2010

Sam Hughes: Lead vocals, songwriting, arrangement, guitar, harmonica, organ
Kirk Williams: Producer, backup vocals, guitar, organ, accordion, bass, drums, mixing/mastering
Nathan Cates: Banjo
Ryan Craycroft: Guitar



all rights reserved


Sam Hughes Charleston, South Carolina


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Track Name: Walk On
Love is always on the run
No matter what you've done;
I'd still believe in you
Breakfast on Sunday, TV at night
I still remember sitting there by your side
With nothing left to prove

We were made for the staying and leaving
and finding out what it means
To be held so close you can let it go
And fall straight for your dreams
We were born so wild and free
But you can't go back
You just walk on

Sometimes I feel so ready
But I don't know
If I could see you now I guess I'd like to show you the man, that I've become
I try to walk like you, keep my head up high
You told me guard your heart, it'll give you life
I guess I finally know what you meant

Track Name: I Don't Need To Know Right Now
Tired of the mystery, want to figure all this out
Scared to bring back history, only leaves us with our doubts
You deserve much better, than what I've got to give
I'd write it in a letter, I need your love to live

I don't need to know right now, don't need to know right
I don't need to know right now (x 2)

Scared that what's behind me, will catch us in the end
But if I'm the one who hurt you, let me be the one to mend


Tried to pull away and turn around
The pieces lay there shattered on the ground

I don't have the answers, I only have today
I want to fix what's broken, if that's all we can say

Track Name: Tired Of This Town
Tired of this town, and all the people around
Tired of waking up in the same old place I've been
Tired of this town, and all the walking around
Think I've been every place there is to be

And it's one thing to be lonely, and another to be sad
Put your arms around my neck darling
It can't be that bad
We go on and on, on and on, on and on
Until the lights go out

Say those words that I long to hear
Tell me that I'm alright
Tell me today and then slip away
Between the dark and the light
And it's not like I've never been in love
It's not like I've never tried
But the one lies inside and it fucks with my pride
I run from it all in the end
Run from it all in the end
We go on and on, on and on, on and on
Until the lights go out

If you could see all the love that you've known
Heaven won't keep you won't leave you alone
and it's alright now, let me be

South on the highway and over the line
The past is behind me the future is mine
and it's alright now, you will see (x 2)
Track Name: Nothing Really Ends
When I was a child I would sit down by the moon
When I'd get tired he'd say come back soon
If you only knew how much I miss my sun

Some stay steady and others need to run
You tell me I'm not ready well you're not the only one
I'll see you soon

I ride alone
Take the path unknown
Someday, I know we'll meet again
Cause nothing really ends
Yeah nothing really ends
You know nothing really ends
Track Name: Fall Away, Lonesome Sun
If my days were all spent, and my time had run dry
And you were the last thing that was on my mind
If providence should see it fit, to take me on that day
With your name on my lips, I could give my life away

Send me forth O Babylon, I've stayed here long enough
My spirit has grown calloused, and my hands become rough
If it comes down to deliverance, don't you leave my pleas in vain
I've walked alone in barren lands, where it never seemed to rain

Fall away, lonesome sun
You don't have to be the chosen one
Track Name: Rusted Steel & Rotting Wood
So it seems I've lost my way
It wasn't my way after all
Rusted steel, and rotting wood make the tracks we ride that guide us to a fall

And the trains roll on, while the ones we love just say so long, so long

The conflict has been put to rest
The truth I thought I knew put to the test
Wise men speak with their eyes
While the sons of man deceived us with their lies
If you ever thought you knew me, don't be sad
You can't hang on to a thing you've never had
Listen to me now, hear me tonight
The blind man has no need for the light
The blind man has no need for the light

And the trains roll on, while the ones we love just say so long, so long

Let me go I will not be imprisoned
By the chains you've forged to make your world feel safe
Don't you know it's the laws you live by
That keep you bound and helpless like a slave

And the trains roll on, while the ones we love just say so long
And the trains roll on, while the ones we love just say so long, so long

So I'll leave your world behind
Freedom waits but I'm running out of time
Freedom waits but we're running out of time
Track Name: Sinner's Hands
Oh I can hear, that whistle blow
And now my dear, it's time to go
Cause there's too many towns
And you can't hold me where I'm bound
Just let me go

These times are tough, I can't explain
It's not enough, to jump a train
There's no way to get clean, ain't no savior can redeem my sinner's hands

Send me home to Georgia
Send me home again
Well there ain't no place can hold me
No more friends or kin
Track Name: Memories Begin
I've been here before, and it's too late to cry
So please close the door, I'm sorry I sigh
And this is the way our story ends, and memories begin

We made our plans, and we sewed our seed
But the love that came up, it wasn't enough
Wasn't enough to feed, no
And this is the way our story ends, and memories begin
The scarring that heals, the blood that runs dry
The sands of time steal, the love you can't buy
And I will not run, from the promise of a dream
But will I wake up alone?

So look in the sky, and I'll look straight ahead
We're both moving on, let's put the past to bed
And this is the way, oh no
This is the way, oh yeah
This is the way our story ends, and memories begin
Track Name: There's A Time
There's a time for the dark clouds
There's a time for the sun
The rain and the light gonna find everyone

There's a time for to see straight
There's a time to be blind
A heavy ancient burden lies upon prophet's eyes

She comes to rest on my soul
Like a freight train all filled up with coal
She sees the damage I've done
But she don't run, she don't run away

Ten times forgiveness
A hundred times the pain
I find my deliverance
Listen to the rain
Track Name: Lead Me On Home
Sometimes I feel like I'm going insane
I just can't turn off my mind
It was easier when I thought that I knew
Just who I was supposed to be

Clouds of doubt rain on my thoughts
I can't seem to get myself dry
I miss knowing how I thought things should be
I miss never wondering why

I wanna have faith, I wanna know peace
Deep in an ocean of love

I can't believe that you're gone
I thought we'd last til the end
Hands held together, til death do us part
I can't believe that you're gone

Show me your face and give rest to my soul
Don't let me stay all alone
Take my hand lead me on home
Take my hand lead me on home